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This course runs weekly sessions with a focus on powerlifting theory, balanced out with a practical session at the end of each class. If participants are interested in doing more training, Booty and Brawn runs 8-week group training blocks which will run parallel to the theory course.

The Workshop

These classes will cover beginner to intermediate strength principles and their application to competitive powerlifting. Each week the classes will address a different topic, theory covered includes: squat, bench and deadlift technique, how to use knee wraps, injury prevention and treatment, programming, competition prep, female specific training and much more.


Course Outline

Week 1 – Breathing and Bracing
This session is an introduction to the course. In this first class you will learn the foundation of becoming a strong lifter- how to develop maximum muscle tension and guarantee good technique. This lesson covers how to warmup, how to breathe and brace, and cues to develop tension through your body while lifting. This lesson is critical to rest of the course so all must attend.

Week 2 – How to Squat
The squat is the first lift of a powerlifting competition and as such the first powerlift to be covered in this course. This session will cover foot and hand placement, high bar vs. low bar, depth, breathing, mobility and powerlifting competition calls.

Week 3 – How to Bench
Bench press is often a lift that females struggle with. This lesson will increase confidence and strength on the bench press as students learn the most effective technique for their bodies, bar path, powerlifting arch, foot placement and leg drive, pausing, powerlifting competition calls and shoulder strengthening exercises.

Week 4 – How to Deadlift
There are two forms of the deadlift used in powerlifting competitions- conventional and sumo styles. This lesson will cover both styles and which is best suited to individual body shapes, proper technique for both, breathing, grip, leg drive and powerlifting competition calls.

Week 5 – Accessorising Your Program
Every good strength program relies heavily on accessory exercises- these movements strengthen the muscles used in the squat, bench and deadlift. This class teaches how to select accessory movements based on individual weaknesses, correct exercise technique, how to add them to a program and cues for each exercise.

Week 6 – Conditioning and Cardio
Many people do not understand the physiology behind cardio and conditioning or how/if it benefits strength training. This class explains what happens in the body with conditioning exercises, ideal conditioning workouts, what the anaerobic threshold is, HIIT vs LISS training and how to program these workouts.

Week 7 – Powerlifting Equipment
Powerlifting equipment provides support for joints and can result in big strength gains. In this class, students will learn about the different types of equipment and how to get the most from them. This includes: wrist wraps, knee wraps and lifting belts. This session will also cover different equipment and rules used in each powerlifting federation, and give an introduction to equipped powerlifting.

Week 8 – Recovery Techniques and Competition Tips
Learning to recover, prevent injuries and avoid overtraining are essential to success as a strength athlete. The first part of this session teaches general recovery and mobility drills, best ways to prevent and work around injuries, and how to avoid overtraining by deloading and managing training intensity. Secondly, the focus will shift to competition advice in preparation for the Booty and Brawn Powerlifting Competition. The class will cover how to have a smooth powerlifting competition, psychology of competing, how to make attempt selections, how to handle and help other competitors, and making weight class.