The Barbelle Club Strength Camp: Annie’s Wrap-Up

I recently had the pleasure of attending, and coaching at a Female Only Strength Camp run out of the Australian Institute of Sport.

When the coordinator Anna Brown approached me months ago, she explained that her vision for the camp was to bring together girls of all ranges of skill levels and a selection of elite female coaches from different disciplines around Australia. Continue reading The Barbelle Club Strength Camp: Annie’s Wrap-Up

Hypertrophying Hypermobile Shoulders: an ultimate guide

Any of my hypermobile brothers and sisters will understand that there are some nice things we just can’t have- like a shoulder pump. If you’re anything like me, you go into a shoulder session with only the best of intentions and two words ringing through your over-keen mind: “capped delts”. You start off with some military press, or maybe some side raises and dumbbell overhead. Warmup sets feel a bit rusty but that’s what they’re for- right? To clear the rust away? Wrong. You continue through your sets and find there is an insurmountable and impermeable build up of rust, the pain level rises to unbearable and you are left unable to train for days, perhaps weeks.

If you feel yourself resonate with this scenario, I am here to speak words of encouragement to you: life doesn’t have to be like this. Continue reading Hypertrophying Hypermobile Shoulders: an ultimate guide

Training Update: My New Prehab/Rehab Routine

In my last post I mentioned a visit from the great Andrew Lock of Functional Strength Rehabilitation. I will write about his diagnosis in a moment, but first I want to talk about why I really like Andrew’s work.

At his most basic level, Andrew is a physiotherapist who lifts and is very strong. [Great!! That means the first “I need a good physio” box is ticked- if you lift, you need a physio who understands lifting.] Delving deeper, it is evident that Andrew has a level of intelligence that most do not. Continue reading Training Update: My New Prehab/Rehab Routine

To Stretch or Not To Stretch – That Is The Question (which I’m about to answer)

This blog is about to revolutionise your warmups. You’ve read it in magazines, heard it by physios, been informed the benefits of it by PT’s and certainly felt the guilt of not doing it… I’m talking about stretching before you train. But should you really be lengthening muscles before you powerlift? Continue reading To Stretch or Not To Stretch – That Is The Question (which I’m about to answer)

Booty and Brawn Girls Powerlifting Classes: the genesis

As someone who discovered strength training at a very early age, I often wonder… Is there anyone who honestly enjoys running on a treadmill? And why do so many  women spend so much time with cardio machines if they hate every minute of it? At my commercial gym, I see it too much. Most often, they are blindly chipping away at the bodies they hate- calorie by calorie- hoping to god that what they’re left with is the exact bikini body they want. I would be curious to know the success rate of this method, because according to what I’ve seen and experienced- it’s not great.

Imagine if these women knew that endless cardio alone is a very ineffective way to achieve these goals and that there are some really fun, more effective ways out there. Continue reading Booty and Brawn Girls Powerlifting Classes: the genesis

About Annie Short

Sometimes I feel like my life is a just a neverending pursuit of strength – always close enough to taste but never within my grasp (a bit like a horse with a carrot). Goals are a big thing for me. I can’t figure out my age when it started, but I remember feeling extremely compelled every time I’d picture my goals- the squeamish feeling of a full body itch. If you can remember the feeling of going to sleep before your birthday, the trembling, nervous, sickly excitement – that’s what it feels like. You’ve probably felt it before when you think about a passion of yours – perhaps a goal, a fond memory or hobby, a love, or even a childhood dream. Now that I look back on the actions I took to bring me closer to my ambitions and satisfy this craving at a young age, from other’s eyes I probably looked very strange, maybe a touch absurd. But really… what the heck is sensible about being normal??

I have always been a very passionate person, and loved passionate people. Why put in 80% to something if you can put in 100%? And on that note, why even bother with a task if you’re not willing to put in the 100%? Continue reading About Annie Short