Booty and Brawn Girls Powerlifting Classes: the genesis

As someone who discovered strength training at a very early age, I often wonder… Is there anyone who honestly enjoys running on a treadmill? And why do so many  women spend so much time with cardio machines if they hate every minute of it? At my commercial gym, I see it too much. Most often, they are blindly chipping away at the bodies they hate- calorie by calorie- hoping to god that what they’re left with is the exact bikini body they want. I would be curious to know the success rate of this method, because according to what I’ve seen and experienced- it’s not great.

Imagine if these women knew that endless cardio alone is a very ineffective way to achieve these goals and that there are some really fun, more effective ways out there.

Now keep imagining – what if we could show these women a method of training that effectively and quickly builds them the physique they want (with less boredom and stress)? Something that logically breaks down the components of muscle gain and fat loss, then gets them to focus on performance and process goals instead of just outcome goals. Imagine what fitness would be like, if you knew exactly what you needed to do and celebrated- with others- each step that brought you closer to your goal. Now what if we stopped projecting that as females, we should all have eating disorders that we are fighting off every day; and stopped promising a magical “mindset” pill to cure all distorted mindsets. People can get so caught by the anxieties of becoming “thin enough” that they don’t recognise that their continuing progress- small increases in performance- creates the building blocks for their success

****ENTER: Strength Training****

This is the exact thought process that drove the design for the first  block of the Booty and Brawn Powerlifting 8 week Girls Strength Classes. The classes were designed to work in a small group structure so the girls could get to know each other really well, and invest in each other’s success. Big weights and big goals can be scary, but having friends cheer you along and participate alongside you ensures success.


Big weights and big goals can be scary, but having friends cheer you along and participate alongside you ensures success.

Performance goals were set for each week, based off percentages of the girls’ maxes that were taken at the start of the course. This method, combined with weekly programming, elimated the stressful thoughts of “I don’t know what I should be doing”, or questions of “am I doing enough” that most people experience when they are without proper guidance.

The results spoke for themselves, I was thrilled as the three girls from my Thursday night group added a combined 122.5kg to their totals (total weight lifted with best squat, bench and deadlift). While each of the lifts improved significantly, the biggest improvements happened with deadlifts- two of the girls progressed from 70kg to 90kg maxes, and another started with 80kg and finished with 95kg (then 100kg a week later!). All this in 8 weeks!

2015-06-11 18.31.54

The three girls from my Thursday night group added a combined 122.5kg to their totals.

Booty and Brawn Powerlifting has a strong focus on GETTING RESULTS. But 1 rep max strength is not the only thing that improves during the strength classes. After the first block of strength classes, the girls also reported increased metabolisms (eating more without fat gain), positive changes in their physiques (less fat, more muscle mass), huge technique improvements, more training knowledge and greater confidence in the gym. These are just some of the many benefits that girls can get from taking up strength training; and spreading this knowledge is my vision for Booty and Brawn Powerlifting.

After the amazing results of the first round of classes, I will be running them in regular 8 week blocks. Get in touch with me HERE if you’re interested in joining the fun.

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